Canadian Immigration

Are you in need of a Canada Immigration Lawyer? If you’re finding the Canadian citizenship and immigration process too difficult to handle on your own, the experienced attorneys at Makooli Prekupec, LLP Law Office will provide you with legal help to successfully immigrate to Canada.

Considering the amount of paperwork that must be completed correctly, the ongoing changes to Canadian immigration laws, many have found the road to legal residency, whether permanently or temporarily, not without potential road blocks.

Don’t allow a simple mistake to keep your dream of immigrating to Canada a reality. Representing yourself before Canadian immigration officials could put your right to live and work in Canada, in jeopardy.

With our domestic and international legal immigration experience, the lawyers at Makooli Prekupe, LLP will guide you through the immigration process, recommend the most appropriate and quickest immigration category, and if need be, fight to defend your rights.

The lawyers at Makooli Prekupec, LLP can provide you with the professional and personal immigration representation you require. We offer extensive immigration legal services for employers, as well as for individuals.

Business/Entrepreneur Class
Family Sponsorship
Canada Experience Class
Skilled Worker
Foreign Temporary Worker
Work Permits
Study Permit
Temporary Resident Visa
Permanent Resident Cards

If you are uneasy about trying to do it yourself or if you have any questions about the Canadian citizenship and immigration process, please contact our law firm for a Canada Immigration Legal Complimentary Assessment. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes when you finally understand your options regarding the numerous Canadian immigration programs and your qualifications.

We encourage you to call us or visit our office today for a  No-Obligation Complimentary Assessment.

Contact us now and protect your rights. Let us help “Take you from where you are, to Where you want to be.” 



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